Sunrise Green Pak has always been playing an important role in the development of society. Our one of the important campaigns include clean water and sanitation campaigns. Community support in the advancement of infrastructure is perilous to poverty mitigation and transformation in the quality of life.


Most rural areas don’t have access to safe drinking water and waste disposal system. This absence of cleanliness, sanitation and clean drinking water adds to illnesses that range from gastro-intestinal diseases to hepatitis and tuberculoses. Increase in population, decrease in natural resources and poor education and wellbeing benefits all consolidate to upgrade the negative effect of the nonappearance of physical base that is important to capture the degradation of nature.


Absence of water is a notable limitation to economic development in Pakistan. Be that as it may, there is an abundance of inventiveness and ability in utilizing this rare resources proficiently. Poor cleanliness practices and access to lavatories additionally builds danger of diseases. Sunrise Green Pak underpins provincial groups to construct and enhance physical base for preservation of water and change in sanitation through indigenous nearby information that has been ignored or overlooked by individuals. Since water and sanitation is an important requirement for the general population of these territories, water protection and enhanced sanitation is the primary need of people and considered by Sunrise Green Pak.


Sunrise green pak is creating awareness to deal with some assistance with watering assets, enhancing people groups’ wellbeing and employments through its water and sanitation program.